Fish & Game & Trails

Firearms season is a blackout week. All other seasons are available including muzzloader, alternative method, and archery for whitetail. We will keep a board posted of the "ten most wanted" from our deer cams. Bucks 120 class are a regular occurrence and they get much bigger than that!

All of spring and fall turkey season is available. We have large herds of mature birds and they've experienced very little hunting pressure

Fishing and small game
Once your tags are filled out there's no reason to head back home yet!! We feed our catfish daily all spring, summer, and fall and they are a guaranteed catch. Not to mention the four to six-pound lunker bass and the pound plus crappie. You can feed the hunters who haven't tagged out or just catch them for sport. There's also plenty of squirrels and rabbits of course in season.

Endless trails
During season you can enjoy walking and explore all our wilderness trails. In the off season (June-August) you can ride our trails and we will even provide the ride! Riding and fishing along with some frogging (in season) is fun all summer long!